Client Success Stories

Owner Villa Fresh

From US
Bought in: Coco Beach


Building a home is very stressful and complicated. Doing so out of the country is very challenging and seems almost impossible.

We want to thank the team in Panama for Life for the great services they have rendered thus far. They did a great job picking a builder that is fair and does quality work.

We were very pleased to see that the work so far has exceeded our expectations. There is always an open line of communication which is very important to us. We cant wait to see the final outcome!

Owner Villa Fresh

From US
Bought in: Coco Beach


My husband and I cannot say enough about Coco Beach. The true beauty of this gem is hard to believe, unless you are standing on the beach or at the club house taking in the soft breeze, gorgeous beach, or relaxing atmosphere. We purchased our lot in early 2019 after visiting Panama for the first time and recently visited again to see our brand new home in this amazing community. During our most recent visit, we had the opportunity to eat at the clubhouse with Happy Green and the food is divine. We also stayed in the glamping eco pods Happy Green has onsite while finalizing our home and we were not disappointed. We absolutely love watching this community of expats grow and love meeting each and every new homeowner. The security is a bonus and we feel safe and secure with our investment.

Henri (Panama for Life) has been nothing but delightful to work with and has answered all of our questions and made us feel right at home. We absolutely love Johanna and how she has helped us every step of the way. The process of building/owning a home in a foreign country can be very intimidating, however we have found it to be a very pleasant experience working with Coco Beach.

Owner Villa Tropical

From US
Bought in: Coco Beach


Building a home in a foreign country can be very challenging. It’s made easier when working with a builder who is responsive and flexible. Panama for Life was very accommodating and ensured any changes I requested were made. The sub contractors that they used were very well managed.  All errors or problems were quickly addressed and resolved. The only exception has been the sub-contractor used for the kitchen. The kitchen,  although functional, remains unfinished as far as I am concerned.

Overall I am pleased with the final product.  Once all of the outstanding items on my list are addressed I will feel like my house is well built with acceptable attention to detail.

Owners Villa Magnolia

From Spain/China
Bought in: Coco Beach


“My wife and I first visited Coco Beach in 2019, after seeing the website about the project. We fell in love with the location at first sight. We live in China, so we were hesitant about embarking in a construction project on our own. However, talking to Gary and his team we realized that we could get the support we needed to build a house to our specifications. It could actually work!

Despite the challenges that COVID 19 brought, we were able to get our deed, agree on plans and specs, get all the contracts and paper work done remotely. Our hoarse is now weeks from completion, and we are really happy about the way it looks.

We would never have been able to do something like this on our own. The team at a Panama For Life pulled it through for us.

We are now really looking forward to our first stay in our new home, as soon as travel restrictions ease up”

Owner Villa Wave

From Scotland
Bought in: Coco Beach


I had been searching for somewhere to eventually retire to, having decided Dubai was just not a sensible solution,  nothing quite made the very long requirements list.

I visited Coco Beach in 2019 and it just felt right,   the location was important but trusting the company with the vision, direction and goal was important and they had to have the ability to deliver, and I have not been disappointed with any of the service received and their ability to strive to delivery even the most insane requests that I threw at them, their professionalism and enthusiasm has been inspiring. 

My villa is almost ready, on time and beyond my expectation, I have been kept informed every step of the way, regular updates are essential when you are thousands of miles away and its been made worse by the inability to travel over the past 18 months, but the team have provided me both regular text, photo and video updates showing the progress. 

I am looking forward to moving in, to be able to relax in the tranquillity and surroundings in Coco Beach.

Owner Villa Oasis

From Germany
Bought in: Coco Beach


“My journey with Coco Beach began in March 2020, days before the plandemic hit Panama with all its restrictions. I was on vacation in Panama and planned to visit the site, but unfortunately this never happened. So, the Panama For Live Team quickly set up a video tour for me and showed everything I wanted to see. It was a very pleasing experience and I felt that this will be my future place to live.

Building a new house is never easy and especially when you live thousands of kilometers away like me in Germany. Trust is very important and I found that in Coco Beach. Gary and his teams were very supportive and we managed to get the design of the house and all the paperwork done remotely. 

The Panama For Live Team is keeping me updated on a regular basis via Video Calls and answers questions you might have. Even with all the restrictions in place, the team does its best to keep everything moving. Progress is slowed down a bit, but never stopped completely. 

Overall, the experience with this company is a good one and I would definitely recommend it to anyone searching for a new home in Panama.

Now my house is growing nicely and I am looking forward to move in somewhere in March 2022. Two years after my journey begun.

Owner villa Tropical

From: US - Illinois
Bought in: Coco Beach

Owners villa Breeze

Bought in: Coco Beach


"The overall experience of building at Coco Beach has been a good one. The location is remote but very beautiful. 

Everyone that I’ve worked with at Coco Beach has been cooperative, collaborative and accommodating of last minute changes. They’ve proven themselves to be very flexible.

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted the project in several ways and the team has managed to positively address the impacts and continue to move forward. Building a home and living in a foreign country can be challenging. But I feel like the team at Coco Beach is focused on making it as easy as possible for all of their clients. "



My name is David Herbut, and I currently own lot 20 at the Coco Beach development.

I’m Canadian, moving to Panama permanently. I’m building a 3 bedroom villa a double story house. 
I decided to add a casita located beside the swimming pool, and hot tub area. It will have one bedroom and bathroom, and have a covered outdoor space matching the decor of the villas outdoor covered space. Between  the villa and stream flowing in front of the property, I’m putting in a round fire pit that will also have a patio surrounding it. This will allow seating to enjoy evenings in front of a warm fire.
The Panama for Life team has been professional to deal with and made the transition from Canada to Panama very easy with great support and knowledge. 
The builders are Wilson Co. and John Wilson and his team of builders, and designers have been a huge pleasure to have building all aspects 
inside and outside. Despite many changes along the way they have been very good at making changes at the last minute. 
The quality of the professional building ability and attention to detail is the best one could expect if any future customer 
chooses to hire them to build your villas. My home is now about 80% complete, and I believe it will be move in ready in April or May 2021. 

Best Wishes to all future residents of Coco Beach. Panama is a beautiful place to live and retire too.

S. Cox

South African Family
Bought in: Gatun Lake Farms
Review Date: November 26, 2020

We finally made it to the Fincas at Lago Gatun.
I am an Independant private client with no affiliation to the estate agent.
It's is amazing here. Although this was our admin and scouting trip, we cannot wait to return and start homesteading soon. Our immigration/residency came with the plot as part of the package, and is complete already apart from picking up our permanent cards in 6 months. The permanent residency process is quick and painless with the affiliated lawyers DenFab. It takes about a week (a few hours spread over a week).
We spent an hour or 2 walking around our plot which is pictured here.
Generally the plots are a bit more hilly with gradients than in the brochure and drone footage. The brochure pictures and footage are excellent, but does not do the Fincas justice. You will be surprised when you come. I am blown away by the land and views from our plot.
We are amazed at how lush and green it is.
Panama portfolio groomed and trimmed our plot prior to our arrival as you can see in the pictures, and they have a lot of work planned for the roads and common access spaces. This comes at no extra cost to any buyer.
Our plot is one of the smaller ones, and it is massive!
Yes it's a farm. The area is rural. It's about 10 minutes drive from the small supermarket at Cero Cama, where you can get most things a supermarket has in stock. I was pleasantly surprised at the stock levels in the shop. It's like a small SPAR in South Africa. They stock cold beer!
The soil here is amazing, and anything will grow here. The challenge will be keeping it trimmed back, but this will happen as we spend more time here. I dug around in the soil for a few moments to determine this as we intend to farm the land.
I strongly suggest that you go visit the Fincas ASAP if you are interested in this area. You will be pleasantly surprised.
Have a look through the pics and vids I've posted here. Feel free to comment and start discussion with me personally if you want further info. If you PM me with your details, I'd be happy to chat with other (potential) Fincas clients. Some pictures may have been posted earlier but I include them here again for you all to enjoy.
We are so happy that we bought the adjacent plot too!