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Coco Beach is located near Boca Chica, Boquete, Volcan and Golfito Bay. All within two hours!

Boca Chica - 2 hour drive

In Chiriqui National Marine Park lies Boca Chica, a stunning new coast, new world-class beach and island destination. It offers pristine ocean views of tropical blue seas, lush vegetation, picturesque islands of white sand and swaying palms, world-class fishing, diving and snorkeling. Just starting to develop as a destination it already has several very attractive lodgings options from an eco- boutique hotel to a fishing lodge.

National Marine Park Golfo de Chiriqui - 2 hour drive

A national marine park protecting 25 islands, 19 coral reefs and abundant wildlife. It’s home to howler monkeys, sea turtles and 280 recorded bird species. You can surf, kayak, snorkel and watch wildlife under the rainforest canopy. You can easily reach it from the mainland village of Boca Chica, the harbor of Pedragal in David or book an arranged tour.

Diving & Snorkeling - 2 hour drive

Boca Brava divers

Boca Chica is the most convenient base for scuba-diving and snorkeling trips to Parque Nacional Marino Golfo de Chiriquí and to Islas Ladrones and Islas Secas.

Horseback riding & Whale watching - 2 hour drive

Horseback riding:

In Boca Brava island, during 2 hours you will go through mangroves and mountains to one of the highest points of Boca Brava. Awesome views of the ocean, islands and mainland. You will also have the opportunity to encounter numerous wildlife including monkeys and birds.

Whale watching:

Panama is one of the few places in the world where both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere Humpback Whale families migrate 25,000 km to breed and birth their young. The Gulf of Chiriqui National Park is the perfect place to see the Humpbacks up close during their migration-breeding routes.

Eco Tours & Kayak Tours - 2 hour drive

Eco-Tours And Adventures:

The Eco-Tours at Reel Inn in Panama, offer visits to islands for Beach getaways, picnics, snorkeling or relaxing. In a private beach where you can lounge in a hammock and look for treasures in and outside the water. Also 40 foot Humpback Whales watching, or hunt for some of the inshore fish that populate these magnificent waters.

Kayak tours:

Kayak tours start at the mouth of the estuary, and depending on which way the tide is running, you can head up the river into the estuary: where you can zig zag amongst the never ending mangroves, or paddle out into the tranquil bay.

Bocas del Mar Activities - 2 hour drive

Bocas del Mar activities offers a wide range of organised activities. The activities are open to everyone visiting Boca Chica with daily scheduled departures and day tours.

  • Gulf of Chiriqui Marine National Park
  • Relaxing excursions nearby
  • More energetic excursions nearby
  • Longer excursions
  • Inland Chiriqui
Meseta Chorcha - 2 hour drive

The enormous Meseta Chorcha (Chorcha Plateau is known to beguile photographers. From the west you’ll see a white streak running down its glistering granite face. It is actually an extremely tall but inaccessible waterfall. Awesome stuff.

Activities around Boquete - 2 hour drive

Boquete is known for its cool, fresh climate and pristine natural surroundings. Flowers, coffee, vegetables and fruits flourish in its rich soil. The friendliness of the locals seems to rub off on everyone who passes through. Boquete is a hub for hiking, climbing, rafting, visiting coffee farms, soaking in hot springs, studying Spanish or canopy touring.

Hot springs:

  • Hot springs Los Pozos de Caldera (near the town of Caldera, southeast of Boquete)
  • Hot springs Los Pozos de Abuela (Next to the Los Pozos de Caldera hot springs)

El Explorador:
This private garden is located in a hilly area 3 km northeast of the town center; you can walk to it in about 45 minutes. The gardens are with no shortage of quirky eye-catching displays, including fanciful suspension bridges, koi ponds and playful sculptures.

Sendero Los Quetzales: Hiking through cloud forests.

Balneario La Cascada: Two waterfall-side swimming pools and a small bar.

Sendero El Pianista & Rafting - 2 hour drive

Sendero El Pianista:
This day-hike wends its way through dairy land and into humid cloud forest. You need to wade across a small river and climb a steeper, narrow path. Using a guide is highly recommended.

Adventure seekers shouldn’t miss the excellent white-water rafting which is a 1 hour and 30 min. drive from Boquete. At some places, waterfalls can be seen at the edges of the rivers and both pass through narrow canyons with awesome, sheer rock walls.

Activities around Volcan - 1.5 hour drive

The drive from Paso Canoas through Rio Sereno to Volcan:
It is one of the most beautiful drives in Panama. On a windy asphalt road you will climb higher into the mountains with another stunning view hidden around each corner. While overlooking the highlands of the Chiriqui Province you will pass local coffee farms and various small local villages.

Hiking on Volcán Barú: On the top of Volcán Barú you can see both the Pacific and Atlantic coastlines, provided the weather is clear.


Waking up surrounded by wilderness while staying in the cool jungle lodges near Cerro Punta.

Parque Internacional La Amistad:
Wondering at why you’re the only one around in this pristine and bio-rich park.

Activities in Golfito Bay - 1.5 hour drive

Golfito Monkey Tours:
Is the premiere tour operator and travel agency in Golfito, specializing in Custom Itineraries for Golfito tours and Golfito vacation packages.

Golfito Boat Tours offer various tours in this area:

  • Dolphin Watching Tour
  • Whale Watching Tour (Aug -Oct)
  • Coto River Mangrove Tour
  • Visit to the Animal Rescue Center (access only by boat)
  • Golfito Diving Tours
  • Day trips to Zancudo beach, Cacao Beach or Puntarenitas beach

Golfito Hiking Tours:
• Golfito National Wildlife Refuge guided tour
• Piedras Blancas National Park guided tour
• Rainforest Night Tour
• Golfito Adventure Tours:

Golfito Canopy Tour (Zip-Line)
• Canyoneering
• Horseback Riding
• Snorkeling
• Diving
• Kayaking Tours

Fishing Tours:
• Golfito Half-day Sportfishing
• Golfito Full-day Sportfishing
• Artisanal Fishing (Traditional Fishing)

Zamia Wildlife Refuge:
Take a boat ride to Cacao beach followed by a wild walk in the valley among streams and mountains with a dense canopy overhead. Along the hike, explore the rugged mountains, glistening rivers, and learn about the endangered zamia plant.


On the way up the mountain, enjoy a spectacular scenery overlooking the Pacific. The zip-line tour consists of 13 platforms with in total 3000 meters of canopy.

Osa Wildlife Sanctuary:
Located adjacent to Piedras Blancas National Park, Osa Wildlife Sanctuary is situated on a remote beach off the coast of Golfo Dulce. The goal of the Osa Wildlife Sanctuary is to rehabilitate and care for wildlife found in the southern region of Costa Rica, including animals that have been injured, orphaned or displaced.

Sunrise climbing excursions - 1.5 hour drive

For a very unique experience, hike up a hill in the completely dark forest trying to find the endangered glass frog and other rare nocturnal wildlife. The trail ends in front of a tree so tall your flashlight can’t even reach the top. Put on your safety harness and go up a jungle ladder that is tied to the tree.

Stay quiet to observe a variety of flamboyant birds singing and the spider monkeys playing around from an unusual angle as they don’t expect any humans sitting on the highest tree top. While you realize how high you are, get thrilled for an adrenaline descent.


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