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What is the current status of the project?

You can read all about the current project status of Coco Beach here.

Which amenities will there be at Coco Beach?

Coco Beach offers various amenities within the project. Read more about our planned amenities.

Why is Coco Beach a good investment?

You will invest in a beautiful private beach with a deep blue sea, incredible sunsets and miles of pristine waving palm trees. Read more about investing in Coco Beach.

What is your building realization status?

Three communities are currently in the building stage, “Coco Beach”, “Yuma” and “Villas de Chica”. Project “Gatun Lake Farms” is also in the lot delivery stage.

What activities can I undertake around Coco Beach?

Coco Beach is a 15 - 20 minute drive away from Puerto Armuelles and a one-hour drive away from the second largest city of Panama, David. Have a look at all activities in the area.

How sustainable is your project?

All our villas will come with solar panels included. In Panama we are the only company developing a luxury resort and community with this large amount of care for the environment. Read more about our sustainability goals.

What services do you offer?

We love to make your journey towards owning your Coco Beach property extremely relaxed, as it should be! Have a look at our services.

What are the lot prices?

Request our pricelist right here.

Is the road toward the development paved?

Up to 3 kilometers/2miles from Coco Beach you'll have a 4 lane highway. The last 3km/2miles at this moment is not paved. Coco Beach management and the neighbors are heavily lobbying to have the road department improve / pave this road. Until that time Coco Beach and the neighbors are giving it a periodic maintenance.

Does the area or the development flood during the rainy season?

The most rain falls during October, but the sun comes out during the day and in the afternoon it rains. The climatic regions are determined less on the basis of temperature than on rainfall in Panama. Almost all of the rain falls during the rainy season, which is usually from April to November. In general, rainfall is much heavier on the Caribbean than on the Pacific side of the continental divide. A (funny) side note: In general Panamanians do not watch the weather forecast, because it rarely rains for more than 2 hours uninterrupted and then the sun comes out!

Is there a river on or near the property, can that river flood my property?

Coco Beach has never experienced a flooding situation. There are two rivers to the east and to the west of the property. There also is a stream connecting the two rivers which runs adjacent to the property but this river is more a tidal river and is currently mostly dry. Theoretically every river can flood a certain area, if it rains hard enough, but at Coco Beach experience shows that the rivers do not threaten the coastal area.

How is the beach? Is it clean? Is it blue and clear water?

The beach is beautiful, in Coco Beach we always keep it neat and clean. The sand is volcanic gray. Water is very clean, but not completely transparent, due to waves washing the sand up. It is warm and nice during the whole year. The views are stunning, and at the shore, you can see the different colors from the ocean. The colour of the water is affected by the degree of waterflow through the rivers, if there is heavy rain, sediment is washed into the ocean, once it settles down the water turns back to its usual blue color.

Is the property gated?

Yes, it is a gated community with 24/7 security, and we will have visitor control at the entrance.

Is the access road a concrete?

No, the access is dirt road.

Is the internal road Concrete?

No, the roads in Coco Beach are made of gravel, which adds to the natural feel of the project

Will the community have Water Treatment plant?


Will the community serve by City water (Community reservoir and Pump system)?

Yes. The water for the Coco Beach resort will be supplied and tested by IDAAN, a national institution and is potable. Recently a test has been done to determine the water quality and it was found that the chlorine content was a little low. IDAAN will correct this situation. The water quality will be regularly tested by IDAAN. An industrial water meter is installed at the projects entrance. To service the green areas in the project water will be used, which will be billed to the owners, through the agreements within the Home Owners Agreement. Owners are allowed to water their lawns during dry season.

Will the development have Subterranean to lot electricity?

Yes, the infrastructure of the project was completed in 2018, including electricity, drinking water, and the roads. Electricity will be billed directly by the electricity provider.

Will the development have landline phone, and good cell phone reception?

Yes, the development will have all the services and in fact, companies that provide a package with internet, cable, and landline. Cellphone service is excellent.

Will the development have Cable Internet access?

Yes, just for your information there is no fiber optic cable available at Coco Beach. There is a wireless connection. Fiber optics have no use because there are no fiber optics nearby to connect to the community. The current infrastructure at Coco Beach does provide for the future connections because there are “open tubes” already in place in the ground. The speed of the wireless internet access will be 25-30 mbit per household which is sufficient for video calling/streaming etc. This is currently the maximum we can receive in the Puerto Armuelles region. Once the networks are upgraded the speed will be upgraded at Coco Beach as well.

Around the project

Where is the closest doctor or clinic?

Hospital: The closest hospital is New hospital Diosnisio Arrocha in Puerto which is 20 minutes from Coco Beach. The hospital is brand new.

Can I swim in the ocean or are there rip tides?

Yes, you can swim in the ocean and we encourage all our customers to do so as the water has a fantastic clean feel and the perfect temperature. There are no riptides which is an important advantage of Coco Beach relative to other competing developments such as Las Lajas. The surf is long and not deep and it is possible to stand in the water at distances up to 50 meter from the beach. We do however ask customers not to swim too close to the rivers, as an inflatable matras can be carried to sea by the waterflow from the river, especially when the wind is off land. This is not different from any other area with rivers worldwide. As long as a swimmer stays away from the low currents of the rivers, which is easy as the beach is a mile wide, there is in our opinion no danger. Once again, there are no riptides or strong undercurrents.

What amenities does the area offer?
  • Beach club operational in 2021 at Coco Beach
  • Pool operational 2021 at Coco Beach
  • Guarded gated entrance at Coco Beach operational 2020

View all our planned amenities here.

What stores are in the area?

In the immediate are you will find small stores were you could find basic supplies. At only 30 minutes, you can go to the border with Costa Rica and you will find some big department stores. Within an hour, you will be in David where the biggest stores are located, including a brand new multi-million dollar shopping mall development. View all nearby activities.

What churches are in the area?

You may find a variety of churches all around the province. Near Coco Beach there is a catholic Church, Christian Evangelic and Adventist.

Which banks are close-by?

Banco Nacional, Caja de Ahorros.

Which pharmacies are in the area?

Farmacia Tiffany, Metro Farmacia.

What supermarkets does the area offer?

Romero (big supermarket chain in Panama), Supermercado Mucho Mas Market, El Madarín and others. View everything within 20 minutes of Coco Beach.

The Developer

Does the developer have their financing in place?

In the unforeseen event, that the Coco Beach resort becomes insolvent or if the investors feel it is no longer viable to operate, the homeowners rights are specifically described in the HOA. Please note that the Coco Beach project has no bank loans and has wealthy investors backing the project. Also, please note that 81 “ready-to-build” lots will be registered in the public registry of Panama by April 2019. The buyers of the “ready-to-build” land will be the owners and have the right to build. So independent of what happens to the current owners, the future owners will ensure the further development of the project. Again, even in the event that the Coco Beach owners become insolvent, you remain owner of the land that you bought and the villa that you constructed. It could however happen in such an event that some of the amenities will not be constructed. To counter this risk we offer the possibility to add “money back guarantees” to your contract which describe the obligations in case the planned amenities are not realized in time. These guarantees will enable you to monitor the project and to get out as soon as certain amenities are not realized or are delayed. The owners are very much committed to the project and want it to succeed.


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