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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Gatun lake farms located?

Gatun Lake Farms is located only 1.5 hours from the capital city of Panama, Panama City. For an exact location of Gatun Lake Farms, please click on the following link: Gatun Lake Farms Location

What amenities are in place?

Explore all amenities in and around Gatun Lake Farms with the interactive map by clicking here.

What are the farm sizes?

The farms vary in sizes between 5.091 m2 and 32.349 m2. Download our ebook to view the size per farm.

What are the prices of each farm?

Download our ebook to view the price per farm.

Is there direct lake access?

Yes. Some of the lots have direct lake access, other don't. However, there is a shared dock available which means the maximum distance to the lake is 2 minutes from any farm. 

How is the electricity regulated?

An electricity grid has been installed on the property.

Is the access road a concrete?

No, the access is a dirt road, the usage of a 4x4 car is recommended. Note that Gatun Lake Farms is also accessible by boat.

Is the internal road Concrete?

No, the roads in Gatun Lake Farms are made of gravel, which adds to the natural feel of this self-sustainable farming project.

How is the water supply regulated?

There is no pipeline water system installed as infrastructure. All farms will need to drill their own drinking water well.

Do I need a permit to build my private dock?

Yes, you need formal approval of the ACP to have your own dock and boathouse. 

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