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Yuma is located just 20 minutes from Coronado beach town and a one-hour drive away from Panama City.

Altos de Campana National Park

As a visitor you will be stunned by the green rolling hills and the lush tropical rain forests, filled with wildlife. The park offers breathtaking views beyond the Pacific Ocean and preserves an unknown serenity. Altos de Campana National Park invites you to explore, relax and discover.

The park is a good place to spot orange-bellied trogons and other avian species. In total, 267 species of birds live in or migrate to Altos de Campana. The park also has 39 mammal species like coati, opossum, two-toed and three-toed sloth, and Geoffroy’s tamarin monkeys.

Altos de Campana National Park

Within the park, there are many trails for hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking. Most trails are easy, well marked, and not too strenuous, making it possible to admire the stunning surroundings. At some parts, handrails will assist the hikers. For the best lookouts follow the trail ‘Sendero La Cruz’. On a clear day, you might even see the beach resorts of Chame.

Another highlight of the park is the ‘Mirador’, a raised platform with spectacular views. More hotspots are a waterfall of 45 meters tall, several caves and rock formations, and a canyon with a river to swim in.

Local Bakery

Panaderia La Montanera is a little bakery in Chicá where you can get freshly baked bread, sweets and drinks. You will be served by very friendly staff.

Panaderia La Montanera
Hummingbird Panama
Exotic bird watching

In the mountains of Chicá you can spot many rare birds, like hummingbirds, wood-warblers, owls, toucans, trogons, puffbirds and parrots. If you cannot spot them on your own, you can go on a tour or a trip which is organized by a birding organization.

Fruits & Vegetables

On your way to Yuma, you are able to buy the most fresh fruits and vegetables in Chicá. Along the road there are stalls with different types of fruit and vegetables that are sold by residents of Chicá. The vegetables and fruit grow in Chicá itself and are picked at the best time.

Local Fruits and Vegetables in Chica Panama
Horseback riding at Campana
Horse trips

The area around Yuma is perfect to have a relaxed horse trip while enjoying the beautiful and quiet nature. Ride to the top of the mountains and admire the fantastic views.

Canopy tour

You can’t miss one of the most fast-paced adventure tours Panama has to offer! This exciting Panama adventure tour allows visitors to enter and explore the rainforest canopy using safe modern climbing techniques.

After an invigorating short climb to the top of the ridge through a bird-rich forest, you strap in and soar through the treetops, where you see a wealth of unexpected natural beauty and activity.

Canopy Tour near Yuma in Panama
Waterfalls near Yuma Community

In Chicá, within 10 minutes of Yuma, you will find a few glorious waterfalls. One of them is the Gebrada la Garto waterfall. After hiking through a lot of trees and slippery paths, this waterfall will take your breath away.

The Paraiso Escondido waterfall in Chicá is very impressive with a hight of 50 meters. For the adventurers: You are even allowed to go camping there for only $5 per two persons!

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