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What activities can I undertake around Yuma?

Yuma is located just 20 minutes from Coronado beach town and a one-hour drive away from Panama City. Have a look at all activities in the area.

What is your building realization status?

Three communities are currently in the building stage, “Coco Beach”, “Yuma” and “Villas de Chica”. Project “Gatun Lake Farms” is also in the lot delivery stage.

What services do you offer?

At Panama for Life we help you with a smooth transition into your new lifestyle, from arrival to key! Learn more about our services here.

What are the lot prices?

Request our pricelist right here.

Is the road toward the development paved?

Yes. There are two roads towards Yuma. One close to Capira (Closest from Panama City) and one close to Coronado. Both are paved.

Does the area or the development flood during the rainy season?

The most rain falls during October, but the sun comes out during the day and in the afternoon it rains. The climatic regions are determined less on the basis of temperature than on rainfall in Panama. Almost all of the rain falls during the rainy season, which is usually from April to November. In general, rainfall is much heavier on the Caribbean than on the Pacific side of the continental divide. A (funny) side note: In general Panamanians do not watch the weather forecast, because it rarely rains for more than 2 hours uninterrupted and then the sun comes out!

Is the property gated?

Yes, it is a gated community with 24/7 security, and we will have visitor control at the entrance.

Is the access road a concrete?


Is the internal road paved?

Yes, the roads in Yuma are realized and are high-end asphalt roads.

Will the community have Water Treatment plant?


Will the community serve by City water (Community reservoir and Pump system)?

Yes. The water at Yuma will be supplied and tested by IDAAN, a national institution and is potable. Recently a test has been done to determine the water quality and it was found that the chlorine content was a little low. IDAAN will correct this situation. The water quality will be regularly tested by IDAAN. An industrial water meter is installed at the projects entrance. To service the green areas in the project water will be used, which will be billed to the owners, through the agreements within the Home Owners Agreement. Owners are allowed to water their lawns during dry season.

Will the development have Subterranean to lot electricity?

Yes, the infrastructure of the project will be completed in 2021, including underground electricity, drinking water, and the roads. Electricity will be billed directly by the electricity provider.

Will the development have landline phone, and good cell phone reception?

Yes, the development will have all the services and in fact, companies that provide a package with internet, cable, and landline. Cellphone service is excellent.

Will the development have Cable Internet access?

Yes, just for your information there is no fiber optic cable available at Yuma. There is a wireless connection. Fiber optics have no use because there are no fiber optics nearby to connect to the community. The speed of the wireless internet access will be 25-30 mbit per household which is sufficient for video calling/streaming etc.  Once the networks are upgraded the speed will be upgraded at Yuma as well.

Around the project

Where is the closest doctor or clinic?

The closest hospitals and clinics can be found in Coronado beach town, such as Clinical Hospital San Fernando Coronado. Just 20 minutes way from Yuma. 

What amenities does the area offer?
  • View amenities within 10 minutes from Yuma here.
  • View amenities within 1 hour from Yuma here.
What stores are in the area?

In the immediate are you will find small stores were you could find basic supplies. At only 20 minutes, you will find major supermarkets such as Super99, Machetazo, El Rey and Riba Smith. Also clothing stores can be found in the Coronado area.

What churches are in the area?

You may find a variety of churches all around the province. Near Yuma there is a catholic Church, Christian Evangelic and Adventist.

What churches are in the area?

You may find a variety of churches all around the province. Near Coco Beach there is a catholic Church, Christian Evangelic and Adventist.

Which banks are close-by?

Banco Nacional, Banco General, Banesco, Global Bank, and Banistmo.

Which pharmacies are in the area?

Farmacia Arrocha, Metro Farmacia.

The Developer

Does the developer have their financing in place?

In the unforeseen event, that the Coco Beach resort becomes insolvent or if the investors feel it is no longer viable to operate, the homeowners rights are specifically described in the HOA. Please note that the Coco Beach project has no bank loans and has wealthy investors backing the project. Also, please note that 81 “ready-to-build” lots will be registered in the public registry of Panama by April 2019. The buyers of the “ready-to-build” land will be the owners and have the right to build. So independent of what happens to the current owners, the future owners will ensure the further development of the project. Again, even in the event that the Coco Beach owners become insolvent, you remain owner of the land that you bought and the villa that you constructed. It could however happen in such an event that some of the amenities will not be constructed. To counter this risk we offer the possibility to add “money back guarantees” to your contract which describe the obligations in case the planned amenities are not realized in time. These guarantees will enable you to monitor the project and to get out as soon as certain amenities are not realized or are delayed. The owners are very much committed to the project and want it to succeed.


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